Welcome to Koffee Break

Whether you call it java, joe, cafe’, caffe, kaffee or koffie, coffee, by any other name, is still coffee. The aroma is unique and hearty, giving hints of the wonderful bouquet of flavors waiting to greet you with each cup. Most of us are satisfied with filling our filters in our drip machines and letting the coffee seep while we go about our morning routine. The aroma begins to build and then we hear that final slurping sound as the last of the hot water pours over our grinds. But that is only one way of making coffee. There are many methods, each offering its own unique flavors and experiences. Furthermore, your options in coffee beans and grinds are vast as well.

As you join us for a Koffee Break we hope you will find something for your taste, something to challenge you, perhaps something to stimulate you or simply some helpful or new information about this alluring beverage that we love so much. And we’re always looking for new ideas, so if we miss something, you have new information or suggestions, please click on the “contact us” link below and let us know. Our goal is not to tell you everything about coffee. We do want to provide a great deal of information. But there is no sense in us reinventing the wheel either. With this in mind we’ve set out to provide links to resources that have already invested the hard work to help us learn more about coffee. So, grab your fresh cup of joe, kick up your feet and join our musings about this beverage of many names.

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