Caribou Coffee

Here at a Koffee Break, we love Coffee. We love to try it, taste it, and experiment with it. So when we travel, we keep our eyes out for some places to try.

Inside Caribou Coffee - Brainerd, MN


Caribou Coffee, while it may be a fairly well known coffee chain, was a still an opportunity for a unique tasting experience. Someone had recently given me some Caribou Coffee beans, and while it may not be your top of the line premium coffee, it still had a very smooth flavor. So when we saw a Caribou Coffee while traveling through Brainerd, MN, we pulled over for a quick taste. It was unfortunate we couldn’t stay and chat, but the atmosphere was pleasant, and the coffee was great. Like every Coffee chain, each experience is unique to the location, but if you ever run into it, give it a try!

Caribou Coffee Cup

Customer Comments on the cup

Inside Caribou Coffee, The Fireplace - Brainerd, MN

Fireplace inside

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